Vietnam Defense Expo 2022

The 2022 International Defense Exhibition organized by the Ministry of National Defense of Vietnam opened at Gia Lam Airport, Hanoi.

At the exhibition, domestic and international defense enterprises displayed and introduced combat vehicles, technological solutions, weapons and equipment used for all naval, army and defense forces. air-air force, cyber warfare and logistical and technical equipment. Vietnam displays and introduces products researched and manufactured by agencies and units of the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Public Security, including: infantry guns and ammunition; guns, anti-tank ammunition; guns, mortars; guns, shells; explosive chemical products, detonators; optical weapons; ship products; types of armor, models of diversion, camouflage and logistical equipment; communication system, radar, electronic warfare system, command and control system, simulation training system, optoelectronic equipment, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), combat system cyberspace and information technology; weapons, professional equipment, support tools, means of patrolling, control of security and order, fire prevention and fighting, logistics serving the police force.